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It’s not available now but I still want it. What do I do?

We have limited stock on hand for our wedding edit, but we still want you have the dress of your dreams. Each piece can be made to order and delivered to you within 2-6 weeks of purchase.

Why does it take so long?

As the pieces are made especially for you according to your order (all in Australia we might add), we need time to order fabric and produce your dream dress on cue . We do this with a lot of love and care, because in life, we know that the best things take time. Your dress may very well be ready before this period is up, in which case we’ll totally let you know and ship it out as soon as it’s done!

Are all navy’s created equal?

They are not. For those who are mixing and matching dresses between fabric groups, we advise to please allow for a natural variance between the colours across the fabrications...naturally.

For any other questions, please email us at